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PCW - Pro Championship Wrestling - Chicago

Samantha Hart's Debut!

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On her way to the ring!

From " Calgary, Alberta Canada! "


Our brave heroine enters the squared circle!


It can be a little tough sometimes for a girl
when she takes on 3 of the most promising
young men in the wrestling business -
  - all at the same time!


Like a sly cat, this woman knows just when to pounce!


As Mike Horning, Tony Rican, and Wes Benton
fight outside the ring, Samantha Hart, the
pride of Calgary, Alberta Canada, goes straight
to the apron and prepares to launch!


A silence comes over the entire world
as our beloved heroine soars through
air, like a missile, towards her targets!


Hip! Hip! Hurray! Samantha Hart is victorious
over her 3 opponents, like a cat over 3 Blind Mice!


The Lord Vader of the CCFK is proud!