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PCW - Pro Championship Wrestling - Chicago


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June 7, 2003 - Dream Night 2

* The Road Warriors reunited with "Precious" Paul Ellering during a tribute to them
at PCW's Dream Night II on Saturday,June 7, to celebrate the group's 20th anniversary
as a tag team. The Road Warriors, who captured the NWA GA tag titles on June 6, 1983,
during their first match together in professional wrestling, defeated two teams to
capture the PCW tag titles exactly one day removed from their 20th anniversary date.
It is the Road Warriors' second title in as many months and the fourth title they have
currently around their waist. The Road Warriors looked extremely crisp and pumped
for the event, which was held in their hometown of Chicago in front of a record crowd
for an independent show. Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka was also on hand at the event.

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